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Image recognition training

This online platform enables teachers to educate their students with visual knowledge. The students learn to recognize items while playing simple games. It is used by a number of large Dutch high schools.

One of the high schools teaches the recognition of flower bulbs. Every week the teachers unlock a new set of flowers for the students to learn. The students can practice with this new set of flowers or with the complete set up until now. After all flowers are unlocked the exam mode can be activated. In this mode all results are stored in a different location, allowing the teachers to easily use the results as a grade for this course.

It started as a local network application for Windows 95 accompanied by a student version distributed on cd-roms. In the past years it has been rebuild a few times and has grown into a full web platform. The student side of the web application is very minimalistic so everyone immediately understands how to access the lesson material. While the teacher side is also very lean, it has a lot to offer. From instant access to student results to editing lesson material and insight in statistics, it is all there. Using the latest techniques like single-page-applications, REST and HTTP/2 it provides a future proof and responsive experience.

Salon POS software

When beauty salon Sorelle and hair salon CC Coiffures wanted to get a grip on their customer base and sales performance they decided it was time to replace their cash registers and paper agendas with computer systems. The key requirements were: Easy to use by non technical staff, not subscription based and the system should keep working when the internet connection has issues. At the time there was no specialised salon software which met those requirements. Admiraal IT has created the product in close collaboration with both salons.

Features include:

  • Super easy to operate
  • Cash register with coupon and subscription support
  • Indication of customers which have not visited the salon within a certain amount of time
  • Multi employee agenda
  • Online agenda
  • Insight in revenue per day, week, month and years
  • Detailed overview of sales per employee


Admiraal IT is founded by Joep Admiraal. It started as a company which developed educational software for Windows in the late '90s. In the years after that other activities like website hosting, server scaling consultancy and mobile app development were added.

Most products from Admiraal IT originate from a partnership with a customer. This gives a good insight in the requirements of those products while creating them. When a product has matured it's made available for new customers. This process results in products which are easy to understand for the end user.